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Business Coach

Doretha White helps regular people escape their 9 - 5 by building successful online, virtual, digital, mobile, work-from-home or traditional small to midsize businesses based on passions, interests, expertise, skill sets and natural gifts.


Do you have a business idea but not quite sure what to do next?

Are you a new or newish entrepreneur who needs a structured plan for growth and accountability? 


Schedule your complimentary call to discuss your business idea.

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Not sure if a business coach is right for you? Let’s discuss the advantages of having a business coach to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

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The StartUp Challenge, hosted by Doretha White, brings together successful entrepreneurs from different career fields to show you what is working right now to build your online/virtual, mobile, or work-from-home business in this new and lucrative virtual economy. 

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