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Why choose Doretha?

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful, never seem to be stressed out about reaching their goals and make it look uber easy in the process?

...and why others spend years working incredibly hard, going to a job they hate, working for bosses or supervisors who don’t appreciate anything they do, and can never seem to get ahead?


From a really young age, my mother used to tell me, “Everything you touch seems to turn to gold!” I didn’t really know what she meant, except that I noticed that setting goals and achieving them seemed to come naturally and easily for me.  During my 20+ years in the public and private school systems, I was on the fast track.  I became a teacher at 22, grade level chair at 24, assistant principal at 28 and school principal at 32.  With my husband Michael, I became an entrepreneur at 34.  We started a niche travel business in 2003 and grew it to annual sales of $500,000+. 

Nowadays, as a serial entrepreneur and business coach, I read everything I can get my hands on about business ownership, leadership, and success.   I am on a quest to train others how to start and maintain successful small and mid-size businesses that are birthed out of their own imaginations, gifts, talents, skill sets and passions.  I want to elevate you personally and professionally so that you will never have to worry about money constantly and instead have the ability to live your life to the fullest.  Whether you want to develop an extra stream of income, a side hustle, or create income that completely replaces your current 9-5…

...I want to be YOUR business coach.

Knowing how to start and run a successful business is something I think everyone should learn.  Having now co-founded 3 successful businesses (and counting), I want to teach you what I’ve learned along the way.  Sign up now to join my next FREE StartUp Challenge. I look forward to seeing you very soon inside of one of my live courses or private coaching sessions.


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